Monday, 26 September 2016

So, did you know we can also build you a dance ?

Well we can.

A complete dance room was built and furnished by Auger Contracts at RSM Stage Theatre in Wolverhampton.

The well established academy requested a complete refurbishment of the dance room and had Auger Contracts put in new flooring and furniture to suit the academy requirements.

RSM Stage Academy is a CDET (Council for Dance Education and Training) Recognised School that offers professional training in the three key disciplines of Dance, Singing and Acting.
The Academy provides great opportunity to learn, develop and work with industry professionals on a weekly basis. We promote hard work along with structure and discipline whilst keeping the fun element alive, in a great atmosphere and environment. The materials taught in weekly classes are alternated between Commercial and Musical Theatre genres. This structure broadens students’ knowledge, encourages versatility and shapes students into well-rounded performers. 


The images above show the complete fit out of the dance studio and the room in full use.

Good luck to all the students and staff at the dance studio in the pursuit of your dreams :)

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