Monday, 17 July 2017

Oxford Spires Academy

Commencing work at Oxford Spires today, with the changing room and pavilion receiving the refurbishment treatment.

Whilst a vast amount of the work will be to completely renew the area, existing doors are to be kept.

Existing boards at the front of the building will be removed and replaced.The handrails will be replaced and matched to the original position.

Existing flooring will be replaced with lovely Polysafe standard non-slip vinyl, adding an extra touch of decoration to the flooring.

All windows will be removed and replaced, being more efficient and cost effective for the Academy.

New benching and coat hooks will be provided around the outside of the changing rooms, creating space and comfort, whilst secure locker units provide the security for belongings, and extra space within the changing area.

I personally can't wait to see the pavilion and changing rooms undergo the transformation of an Auger refurb!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Burford Boarding School

As the work commences we have mission on!
The works have started at Burford Boarding School to completely refurbish the washrooms.

Work started on Monday 3rd July to remove the old washroom furniture, over the course of 8 weeks these washrooms will be transformed into modern washrooms.

This week sees the removal of the old furniture.
The drainage and new walls come into place, within the second week.
Commencing the 17th July the walls will be completed and Saniclad panels are installed, the first fix for plumbing and electrics will take place.

Flooring and cubicle installations will follow along with a suspended ceiling and external drainage with the second fix for plumbing and electrics.
The final week will see the clean down and handover take place in time for the start of the new academic year.

I can't wait to see how this develops and the finished result.
I'm intrigued to know the colour scheme that the school has chosen too?

What would your colour choice be if it were your school?

Splashing good time!

Our Lady and St Kenelm's washroom refurbishment

Ahh have you seen these latest washrooms?

Created for the lovely reception children at Our Lady and St Kenlem's Roman Catholic, the washrooms have been designed to create a feeling of welcome when in the washroom.

Quite often young children are daunted by new areas and being alone when visiting the washroom, these are designed with the younger children in mind.

A fun looking place where the children will be happy to be.

Monday, 26 September 2016

So, did you know we can also build you a dance ?

Well we can.

A complete dance room was built and furnished by Auger Contracts at RSM Stage Theatre in Wolverhampton.

The well established academy requested a complete refurbishment of the dance room and had Auger Contracts put in new flooring and furniture to suit the academy requirements.

RSM Stage Academy is a CDET (Council for Dance Education and Training) Recognised School that offers professional training in the three key disciplines of Dance, Singing and Acting.
The Academy provides great opportunity to learn, develop and work with industry professionals on a weekly basis. We promote hard work along with structure and discipline whilst keeping the fun element alive, in a great atmosphere and environment. The materials taught in weekly classes are alternated between Commercial and Musical Theatre genres. This structure broadens students’ knowledge, encourages versatility and shapes students into well-rounded performers. 


The images above show the complete fit out of the dance studio and the room in full use.

Good luck to all the students and staff at the dance studio in the pursuit of your dreams :)

Thursday, 22 September 2016

St Christophers

Work was completed at this school which involved the creation of a special access washroom with shower facilities from a previous locker area.
Throughout the refurbishment work, pupils were on site and the work was carried out around them being able to continue with their regular school work.

The bright and colourful 2 sets of washroom cubicles created lively and inviting washrooms for the primary school pupils.
The special access washroom and shower area have created an easy access space for all abilities to make use of at the school.

The project took a total of 5 weeks

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Refurbishment October Half Term

A fantastic run of refurbishment was carried out over the half term, seeing a variety of works carried out around the UK, from Bognor Regis,  London up to Leicestershire.

The range consisted of Art Rooms, Washrooms, Reception areas, Victiorian stairway repaint and refurbishment, structural steel works, extension builds and hall redecorations. 

The complete varitey of work covered, added to the interest of working in the educational sector for refurbishments.

Whilst we endeavour to have complete control of the works , some times things are out of our control, delaying projects and causing a knock on effect with the rest of the works. For example scaffolding that doesn't arrive at the designated time, but 5 hours late, means a day lost starting on works.
Skips can arrive too late or not when agreed causing no end of disruption.  

However, as with all problems that arise, Auger address the situation and move forward in a reliable and constructive manor, leaving the school to open on time at the end of the half term.

(pictures shown are pre-refurbishment).

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

 Not something I have ever wondered about... but these cute little frogs caught my eye when they came into the workshop.
The frog print designs have been chosen for the wash room refurbishment at St Thomas CE Primary in Staffordshire.

These images show just how bespoke and handmade each cubicle door actually is. Each one is cut out around a template cubicle door and then edged with a yellow trim.

A fun design don't you think? Be lots of hands going up to ask to use the loo at this school I think :)