Tuesday, 7 July 2015

As the frantic school holidays approach, more transport is needed to deliver the workers and tools safely to site. With non stop refurbishment work during the summer, our shiny new van has joined the fleet of Auger cars and vans, raring to get to work.

Work has already started at Chichester High School for Girls and Camden School for Girls.

Chichester will be receiving  Auger wash rooms, finished to the usual high quality standards providing comfort and ease of use. Stylish, economical lighting and tap fittings, alongside the hand dryers ensure that as well as aesthetics the environmental impact is considered too.

Camden will be in receipt of science laboratories and prep room refurbishments. Four Science Laboratories will be refurbished with each lab assigned an individual floor colouring. Anti-slip stools in charcoal grey will ensure a sleek, practical and comfortable sit. (Although at one point it looked like the students would be bringing their own cushions as delivery times were tight after the final stools were chosen ;-0).

Both jobs are in full swing, many a skip has been filled and now it is on to the fun part....refurbishing the areas and creating a comfortable and practical learning space at Camden and creating modern and hygienic wash rooms at Chichester.

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