Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Refurbishment October Half Term

A fantastic run of refurbishment was carried out over the half term, seeing a variety of works carried out around the UK, from Bognor Regis,  London up to Leicestershire.

The range consisted of Art Rooms, Washrooms, Reception areas, Victiorian stairway repaint and refurbishment, structural steel works, extension builds and hall redecorations. 

The complete varitey of work covered, added to the interest of working in the educational sector for refurbishments.

Whilst we endeavour to have complete control of the works , some times things are out of our control, delaying projects and causing a knock on effect with the rest of the works. For example scaffolding that doesn't arrive at the designated time, but 5 hours late, means a day lost starting on works.
Skips can arrive too late or not when agreed causing no end of disruption.  

However, as with all problems that arise, Auger address the situation and move forward in a reliable and constructive manor, leaving the school to open on time at the end of the half term.

(pictures shown are pre-refurbishment).

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